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"Canada's prosperity and the economy of our future"

Thursday, September 11 - Saturday, September 13

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

How does Canada maintain its prosperity over the medium term? Can we just continue along the path that we have been upon for the past several decades, or do we need a step change in our economy, in the social programmes that underlie it and in our attitudes to sustainability and the depletion of our natural capital?

The challenges that we face are manifold: our population is ageing; our share of global trade is shrinking; our resource economy faces challenges both globally and in terms of its social licence to operate; and our society is increasingly polarized. Add to these global concerns such as widening income disparity, resource depletion, climate change and stubbornly high unemployment, and the future looks ever more insecure.

What are the biggest challenges do we face, what are the policy priorities and how should we begin to reshape Canada for 21st Century resilience? Banff Forum XIII drew on expertise from Saskatchewan and elsewhere to think about how we can best position ourselves for future prosperity and how we can ensure that this prosperity is broadly shared.