Founded in 2002, the Banff Forum is a not-for-profit corporation run by a dedicated volunteer Board whose members share a passion for advancing public policy education by hosting an annual Banff Forum and seminars across the country through our city chapters. These events bring together young and emerging leaders of Canada across all sectors to learn about pressing policy issues and to develop and enhance their leadership skills in order to enhance their contribution to Canada.

Over the course of the past 15 years, the Banff Forum has become one of Canada’s pre-eminent public policy forums in which a diverse group of young Canadian leaders come together to learn about policy issues being faced across Canada and to enhance their leadership skills in order to build a stronger and better Canada.



Banff Forum community members are passionate about Canada and actively contributing in their personal and professional lives at either a local or national level to building a better country and improving the lives of Canadians. Attendees of the annual conference become a part of a growing national community of “Banffers” that continue conversations long after the conference’s final session.


Operating at the intersection of the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, the Banff Forum brings together Canada’s best and brightest from diverse backgrounds and industry sectors. This diversity inspires cross-sector conversations and unparalleled discourse surrounding the timely and relevant issues facing Canadians.


Conference attendees are accomplished in politics, government, business, law, academia, science, technology, media and the arts. They are typically in their thirties and forties: old enough to have something substantive to contribute, yet young enough to be open to new people and new ideas. All Banff Forum attendees are intellectually curious, are willing to question conventional wisdom, and are committed to making a difference.