Conference Registration Instructions

Registration for Banff Forum XVI is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Short Bio/Headshot Uploads

Upload a short bio (250 words or less in Word format) and headshot (.JPG or .PNG). To begin, simply upload your short bio and headshot below - for each file, select "Choose File," select the file from your computer and click "Choose." When both files have been selected, click "Proceed to Registration."

Please note: there are optional fields for a partner's headshot and short bio, if applicable.

Part 2: Conference Registration/Payment

When your bio and headshot have been uploaded, you will be automatically directed to the conference registration page. Partner registration, additional night reservations and participation in the optional Saturday night dinner have been broken into separate orders to streamline the process for those expensing costs to their organizations.

  1. Select “Attendee Registration” on the registration page.
  2. Select the appropriate tier based upon age and sector (descriptions are provided for each tier), and select “Register.” Complete the necessary fields of the registration form, and select "Add to Cart."
  3. A Shopping Cart icon will appear in the top right hand side of your browser window - to complete the transaction, simply select the click on the black box. If you wish to register a spouse, pay for the optional Saturday night dinner or reserve an additional night at the hotel, click "Back to Banff Forum XVI" in the top left hand side of your browser window to add these items to your cart. When complete, click on the black Shopping Cart box to complete your transaction.
  4. Upon arriving on the Shopping Cart page to complete your transaction, enter the email you would like your invoice to be sent to, enter payment card details and select "Purchase."
  5. An invoice will be sent to the specified email address, and you will be notified when your registration has been confirmed.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Banff Forum team at

Register for Banff Forum XVI

Headshot/Short Bio Upload